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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2019-2020 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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10/2/2019 - The Laboratory of Archeology at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences - Branch 2- Fanar. Conservation, Research & Documentation



The laboratory of archeology at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (Branch 2), Fanar was inaugurated in 1986 as an independent three-storey building equipped and dedicated to archaeological research. Subsequently, it was severely affected by the events of the civil war, which inflicted enormous damage during more than twenty years.


The purpose of the laboratory was to enable students to practice and develop their theoretical knowledge (description, classification, conservation, etc.) under the supervision of their professors. Thus, future generations of archeology researchers had to be forged in this academic setting. At that time, the activity was sporadic following the pace of the war in very difficult conditions, including the lack of funding. Nevertheless, the collections kept were enriched with various archaeological objects (coins, ceramics and flint) thanks to the generosity of some donors and researchers. By way of example, Professor Raymond Gèze and his students collected a rich amount of rock specimens in the Lebanese mountains. The tenacity of faithful enthusiasts, students, professors and researchers has made it possible, against all odds, to maintain the laboratory to date.


The premises are currently home to a very rich material from archaeological excavations undertaken by teams of the Lebanese University during the 1990s and 2000’s. Thus, the restoration, cleaning and conservation of objects (coins, ceramics, glassware, etc.) play an important role to allow experts and specialists from the Department of Art and Archeology to carry out their studies. Therefore, several archaeological research teams are housed in the laboratory to prepare the result publications of their archaeological excavations. These discoveries are also the subject of several Master theses and PhD dissertations registered at the Lebanese University.


With this academic activity associating professors and students, the laboratory begins to fulfill its primary goals within the Department of Art and Archeology at the Lebanese University: Research, Conservation and Documentation.


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