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20/2/2019 - Hoda Fares wins an award at the PRIME 2018 Conference and pursues her PhD at the Lebanese University and the University of Genoa-Italy



Hoda Fares, student at the Lebanese University, won the Bronze Leaf Award from the 14th international Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME), held in Czech Republic, Prague on August 2018.


Hoda is pursuing her PhD in Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture (DITEN) under the joint supervision of the Doctoral School of Science & Technology (DSST) at the Lebanese University and the University of Genoa-Italy. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering in the Lebanese University and holds a joint Master's degree in “Renewable Energy” from the Lebanese University and Saint-Joseph University.


Hoda submitted a research paper to PRIME 2018 Conference entitled "Multi-Channel Electrotactile Stimulation System for Touch Substitution: A Case Study" and was selected among the top 15 research papers.


In her researches, Fares focuses on closed-loop systems, human-machine interfaces including prostheses, sensory feedback, functional electrical stimulation, rehabilitation and assistive wearable/wireless systems, flexible electronics, processing and transmission of information.


The award of the Prague Conference was not the first. Hoda had also won the Bronze Leaf Award from the first international New Generation of Circuits and Systems Conference (NGCAS 2017) held in Genoa, Italy for the paper entitled “Distributed Sensing and Stimulation Systems for Sense of Touch Restoration in Prosthetics” and was selected one of the best 30 papers in the conference.





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