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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2018-2019 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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25/2/2019 - Dr. Roland El Hage introduces a new environmentally friendly scientific achievement



Dr. Roland El Hage from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences (Branch 2) introduced a new environmentally friendly scientific achievement, which is a special study for the development of insulation materials in building construction (fake roof, wall insulators, and new environmentally friendly and fire-resistant wooden doors).


The research project, funded by the Lebanese University under the "Innovation and Development Program 2017-2018", was published in a scientific journal issued by the end of 2018.


The completion process of the research project passed through several stages. The insulators were prepared through the thermo-compression process in the laboratories of the Lebanese University – Fanar (Platform Laboratory and Chemistry - Physics of Research Materials in Nano-sciences and Nanotechnology) – EDST. The insulators were classified into Class E relative to their ignition based on the European standard EN ISO 11925-2 in cooperation with the French IMT-Mines-Ales laboratories.


For the manufacture of insulators, environmentally friendly resins derived from seafood waste were used, such as prawn shells, natural fibers and fibers derived from recycled garments (jeans), knowing that the ratio of fibers to the composition of the insulators is 93% and the ratio of resin is 7%.


Dr. El Hage pointed out that it is possible to use such insulators currently in Lebanon, through some steps, including developing a strategy for the recycling of garments, such as jeans, turning them into fibers through special machines, and benefiting from local agricultural natural fibers and the resin, easy to import from the Asian countries possessing rich marine wealth.

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