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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2019-2020 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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12/4/2019 - Lebanese University student Georges El beik wins an “Honorable Mention” at the CWMUN 2019



Student Georges Elbeyk of the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences (Branch 3 - Third Year Political Sciences) won the “Honorable Mention” at the Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN 2019).


The conference was held at the UN Headquarters in New York on March 29-30, 2019 in cooperation with Associazione Diplomatici, an Italian NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC).


Georges was selected from the Lebanese University along with Irina Hayek from the Notre Dame University - Louaizé (NDU) to represent the Republic of Burundi within the World Health Organization (WHO), with the participation of 360 students and the representation of 190 countries.


The topics scheduled for discussion varied between activating the organization role in confronting the expansion of non-communicable diseases worldwide, addressing climate change and its impact on human health, and tackling the problem of using cannabis for non-medical purposes. However, due to the limited time and large number of participating countries, the subject of climate change and its negative effects on human health was only discussed.


Following the impressive speeches prepared by Georges and his colleague and their ability to prepare the draft agreement and receive 33 signatures from the participating countries, the Burundi team won the “Honorable Mention” of the United Nations and Associazione Diplomatici on 30 March 2019, i.e. the fourth place in the order of prizes among the 360 students.


In addition, students Nadine Lotfi and Ahmed Rimeh of the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences (Branch 3), received certificates of participation in the  conference, after representing Romania on issues related to the non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, children in armed conflicts, and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in South Asia.


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