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Entrance Exam
Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2020-2021 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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29/7/2020 - Students of the Lebanese University ranked first in the “IUP-ICLP” 2019-2020



A group of students from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law, Political & Administrative Sciences (FLPAS) excelled in their participation in the “Inter-University Program on International Criminal Law and Procedure” (IUP-ICLP), organized since 2011, in cooperation with “TMC - Asser Institute”, the “Special Tribunal for Lebanon” (TSL) and the “International & Transitional Justice Resource Center” (ITJRC).


Among 11 local universities, the Lebanese University participated in the 8th edition through FLPAS. The two students, Lara Ibrahim and Rana Abou Jaber, ranked 1st scoring 95/100.


The winners scoring more than 80/100 in Branches 1 & 2 and the French section were: Lara Ibrahim, Rana Abou Jaber, Sirine Yehya, Fatima Mcheik, Elissa Abou Fayssal, Jessica Boustani, Strida Saghbini, Fatima haidar, Roben Madi, Maribelle Safadi, Fatima Fakhreddine, Charbel Zogheib, Rawane Youssef, Eva Aziz, Marc Sfeir, Fares Abi Khalil, Mohamad Amro, Diana Khamis, Clara Bou Gharios and Nour Al Yaman.


Before obtaining the results, the students participated in training sessions in Lebanon for 8 months. Following COVID-19 outbreak, the training was delivered online by academics and international jurists from The Hague, Netherlands, covering the evolution of international criminal procedures, the law of international tribunals, international crimes, terrorist crimes, patterns of responsibility, rights of the accused and victims, etc.


At the end of the training, participants were asked to solve a legal case on the basis of which the best scores were selected. The winning students will be rewarded with a study trip to The Hague to get acquainted with the international institutions and tribunals, subject of their study.






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