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14/8/2020 - Damages of the Beirut Port explosion affects a number of the Lebanese University buildings



Following the Beirut Port Explosion on 4 August 2020, 22 facilities of the Lebanese University were subject to damages, including those in the UNESCO, Tayouneh, Forn El Chebbak, Fanar, Dekwaneh, New Rawda, Sin el Fil and the building of the Central Administration, Museum.


Under the direction of the President of the Lebanese University, Professor Fouad Ayoub, the deans and directors of faculties and institutes raised their reports on the extent of the damage in preparation to start restoration and repair as soon as possible.


As a result of the field survey, it was found that the explosion caused material damage (broken glass, cracks, damaged ceilings, removal of iron and wooden doors) in Pierre Gemayel University Compound, Fanar in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Public Health (Branch 2), the Faculty of Agronomy in Dekwaneh and the Faculty of Fine Arts & Architecture (Branch 2) in Forn El Chebbak.


In Sin el Fil, the building hosting the Doctoral School of Letters, Humanities & Social Sciences, the Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative & Economic Sciences, the Research Center of the Institute of Social Sciences, and the Legal Informatics Center of the Faculty of Law, Political & Administrative Sciences, was severely damaged.


In Ashrafieh, the building of the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (Branch 2) was severely damaged (broken glass, cracks, damaged ceilings, removal of iron and wooden doors).


The buildings, offices, classrooms and glass facades of the Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences, with its deanship, its Branches 1 and 2, and its Center for Languages & Translation and Center for Language Sciences & Communication, were severely damaged.


In the Deanship of the Faculty of Pedagogy - Tahwita Forn El Chebbak and its Branches 1 and 2 in the UNESCO and New Rawda, the damage was distributed between broken glass facades and aluminum windows, and damaged computers.


In total, 22 branches were damaged following the explosion.















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