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16/9/2020 - The “Eco Club” of the Faculty of Medical Sciences stressed the need to promote environmental-health awareness



The work of organizers and volunteers in the Environmental “ECO CLUB” at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Medical Sciences is based on the principle that true citizenship places responsibilities on the individual.


The club established in 2011, has set in its priorities the creation of a dynamic and cohesive society capable of implementing sustainable initiatives to generate and enhance environmental awareness in the Faculty, campus and society in general, and has sought to be a forum for cooperative activities among its members and invest their skills and expertise to serve their environment.


Since eco-friendly clubs in universities are part of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations within the 2030 Agenda, the “ECO CLUB” developed awareness about the close relationship between the environment and health by organizing awareness campaigns on the importance of waste sorting, recycling and mitigation and the impact of mismanagement on health.


In this context, the club organized a series of different events in cooperation with local and international associations focusing on the importance of green practices and good business habits in the areas of reducing and sorting waste, impact of poor waste management on health, feasibility to support healthy and environmentally sound solutions, importance of reducing paper and plastic consumption and sending recyclables to appropriate facilities, and disposal of biomedical waste.


The Eco Club considers that we need environmental attention and awareness from the sea to the mountain because our environment is subject to successive assassinations. Therefore, an integrated action plan is needed, and shall not be limited to ministries and official bodies, but rather includes individuals, academics, researchers, media professionals, writers, and bloggers.







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