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24/9/2020 - The Assessment & Maintenance teams and the LU Task Force issued a preliminary report on areas affected by the Beirut Port explosion



According to the map drawn up by the Lebanese Army Command, the assessment and maintenance teams, including the team of the Lebanese University Task Force (LUTF) continued their work in the areas affected by the Beirut Port explosion, and issued their preliminary report on the survey that covered areas (9/10/11/38/41). The results were as follows:

·         126 cases requiring home repairs

·         101 cases in need of food and drink

·         99 cases in need of medical care

·         97 cases in urgent need of funds to pay accumulated bills and dues

·         66 cases in need of materials related to personal hygiene

·         63 cases in need of hospital bill payment

·         51 cases in urgent need of kitchen tools

·         39 cases in need of beds and accessories

·         38 cases in need of clothes


Since 9 August 2020, the Crises Rapid Response Team has been working within LUTF under the supervision of the Lebanese Army Command and in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross - Disaster Risk Reduction Department (DRR) and a number of local and international organizations. The team includes volunteers from professors, students, and graduates of a number of LU faculties, who have contributed to:

·         Coordinating, managing and organizing the removal of debris from roads, streets and squares, and assisting people to clean their homes from the effects of the explosion;

·         Assisting in inspecting the damaged buildings and collecting their detailed data in preparation for their restoration or reconstruction;

·         Providing first aid, medical services, and medicines for the wounded, and assisting the elderly in moving to safe places or hospitals;

·         Providing health guidelines regarding some medicines, including chronic ones, and seeking to secure them from donors, and distribute them to those in need;

·         Conducting a comprehensive "psychological assessment" of the general condition of people in the affected areas and collecting data on their psychological state.






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