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30/9/2020 - Coordination meeting on e-learning between the Lebanese University and “Digital Transformation Network Lebanon”

Within the cooperation protocol signed in March 2020, a coordination meeting was held between representatives of the Lebanese University and “Digital Transformation Network Lebanon”, to discuss how to address the problems and gaps related to the process of e-learning.


The meeting, which took place at the Conference Palace in the Rafik Hariri University Compound, Hadath on 29 September 2020, was attended by Dr. Mustafa Sarji, Executive Coordinator of the Legal Informatics Center at the Lebanese University, and Dr. Gilbert Sawma, Program Development Coordinator at the Center. DT Network was represented by Dr. Rabih Baalbaki, Education & Innovation Sector Coordinator, Dr. Jamal Maslamani, Head of Digital Experts Committee, Mrs. Noura Meraabi, expert in digital curricula, and Mr. Ibrahim Shaban, Expert in electronic security and educational technology applications.


The attendees discussed the challenges of next university year in light of the continuing repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, the most important of which is the development of a remote education strategy based on the experience of the Lebanese University during the second half of the 2019-2020 academic year.


The two parties also discussed the positives, negatives and practical experiences related to e-learning, including the issue of electricity, Internet and electronic devices, and their availability by all parties. In this context, DT Network delegation presented some ideas to address those problems by developing implementation mechanisms systems, infrastructure and securing funds from donors.

The attendees reviewed the recommendations of the meeting that will be submitted to the LU Presidency to discuss them with the council of deans and take the necessary decisions.







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