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Entrance Exam
Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2021-2022 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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1/11/2020 - The Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences holds the “Distance and Hybrid Learning Conference: Difficulties & Suggestions for Solutions”

Under the patronage of Ms. Bahia Hariri, Chairperson of the Education Parliamentary Committee, and the presence of Professor Fouad Ayoub, President of the Lebanese University, the “Distance and Hybrid Learning Conference: Difficulties & Suggestions for Solutions” was held at the Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences (Branch 5) on 29 October 2020.


The conference was attended by Mr. Toufik Al-Zaatari, representing MP Osama Saad, Colonel Hasib Abdullah, representing the Commander in Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces, Colonel Khalil Al-Saudi, representing the Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Mohammed al-Saudi, Mayor of Saida, Professor Ahmed Rabah, Dean of the Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences, Dr. Nassif Nehme, Director of the Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences (Branch 5), Dr. Bassem Abbas, Head of the Educational Region in South Lebanon, Mr. Vadim Zaichikov, Director of the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut, Japanese Coach, Eko Minami from “Dreamers Japan In Lebanon” Foundation for Friendship between Lebanon and Japan, Junko Hoki, Former Deputy Director of the Japanese Academic Center (CAJAP), Ms. Galina Abbas, Alumni Officer of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Mr. Nabil Bawab, General Coordinator of the Network of Schools, in addition to a number of faculty directors of the Lebanese University and a group of professors and students.


MP Hariri reviewed the many challenges that faced education since the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, and stressed the need to create a complete action plan for how to open schools and prepare the necessary infrastructure for hybrid education, in addition to the importance of modifying curricula and developing educational systems to cope with the radical changes that have occurred in our current and future reality.


President Ayoub announced the ranking of the Lebanese University as the 21st at the QS Arab World University Rankings for 2021. He stated that the preventive health measures imposed the adoption of an in-person and distance education system within an educational policy that imposes a review of legislation as well as educational methods.


Dean Rabah presented the experience of the Faculty in e-learning and said that it has proven the ability to face difficulties and adapt to new circumstances. He stressed that the Faculty will pursue distance and hybrid education, based on its experience over the past months, within the available technological and training means.


Dr. Nehme stressed the university's development based on the reality and challenges.


Mr. Zaichikov pointed to the development of cooperation between Russian universities and the Lebanese University, considering that the issue of e-learning has become essential to organizing the educational process.


After presenting a video report on distance education prepared by the UNESCO Club students at the Faculty, the Japanese coach Minami gave a lecture in which she confirmed the existence of many innovative ideas to improve e-learning experience.











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