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University Council

It consists of the University President, the deans of the university faculties and a representative (elected) of the teaching staff members from each faculty.

The council includes four students from the University (appointed by their union in accordance with its own system) and two professors renowned for their scientific competence and appointed by a Government decree for two years.

The General Secretary of the University handles the tasks of the Secretary of the Council.


Functions of the University Council


The University Council establishes the Statutes and Ordinances of the University, provides a legal opinion on its draft financial regulations, approves the internal regulations of faculties and institutes, and provides a legal opinion on all matters related to amending the supplementary laws and regulations, in addition to nominating members of the teaching staff and other members of the technical staff.

The Council enjoys the authority to approve the curricula, programs and report of contracting with candidates of faculties and institutes to work in various activities of the University, the admission to participate in scientific and cultural conferences, and the appointment of the University representatives.

The Council specifies the date of commencement and completion of the academic year, the salaries of the contracting teaching staff, the weekly teaching hours, approves the appointment of the examining committees and imposes disciplinary penalties on the students.

It also studies the draft annual budget, supervises the administration of the University properties, sets the University Campus regulations, and decides on the contracts and transactions executed within the limits of the financial system.

The Council assumes the functions of the Central Inspection Authority for the technical and administrative staff and the functions of the disciplinary board for the teaching staff (in accordance with the provisions specified in Decree No. 9333 dated 11/10/1996), and decides whether or not to file legal proceedings.

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