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  Strategy of Development - Developing Administrative Work
The current administrative body consists of fulltime employees, but their number is not enough to fill in all the vacancies, as many of them went into retirement after reaching the legal retirement age. So for years the university has had to resort to part-time employees and employees by contract to fill in some positions, as well as with trainers to carry out administrative and IT tasks, alongside some complementary teaching tasks. To date, the university has failed to conclude regular contracts with these trainers because the Cabinet has closed the door for employment and contracting with employees.

Developing administrative work necessitates the following:
  1. Relooking into the administrative staffing of the university and issuing a new administrative staffing structure, by nullifying Decree Number 879 dated 29/7/1983 and issuing a new one. This requires study to determine the number of authorities, departments, divisions and tasks to be assigned thereto, and therefore the number of employees needed for these units.
  2. In the event that a new university law was issued, administrative laws and regulations should be reexamined to fit the new university law.
  3. Filling vacancies in the administrative staffing as a result of the retirement of many employees by holding a closed exam for wage employees and employees by contract, a step that the University has already embarked on.
    After that, an open exam would be held in upcoming years in order to:
    • Compensate for the number of employees who would have retired by then.
    • Bring in new blood to the administration by employing competent people to carry out and develop administrative tasks through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, computers and the latest electronic communications.
    • Appling accounting standards adopted by the Ministry of Finance in financial and accounting posts.
    • Assigning administrative posts of legal nature to employees that are knowledgeable in administrative work and the Law.
  4. Carry out specialized training courses in computer and IT, management and public administration, as well as financial sciences to provide old and new employees with the expertise to improve administrative work and increase productivity.

It is essential to amend the salary hierarchy of the university’s administrative staff, in accordance with the amendment of the new salary hierarchy proposed for the public sector or by issuing a new law for the university to amend the salary hierarchy of its staff. The above would motivate employees to work and dedicate themselves to their job.
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