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  Strategy of Development - Campuses
Campuses are where students who study in different university units gather and pursue different majors. Three decades after university branches were established following turn of events, a national vision was due to reexamine university locations, taking into consideration demographic, geographic and development factors.

Given the difficulty, or rather impossibility, of crowding all students in one campus, it was decided to build campuses in:
- Hadath, Bohsas (Tripoli), Fanar and Hosh El Oumara (Bekaa).

In addition to those, we need to plan for establishing an integrated campus for the university in South Lebanon. There is no justification for renting residential buildings that are inconvenient for higher education and that require 20 billion Lebanese Pounds yearly (rentals and maintenance costs).

We have to follow up with the competent official authorities to build and complete university campuses. The university is bound to help duly attain this objective.

This cannot see the light without a national will to support this ambitious project that will help advance the university and the country at a scientific, educational and social level, away from all the political and sectarian tension.

The location of any higher education institute is very important, for it reflects – as is the case in prestigious universities – the moral incentives to improve the educational and technological levels in accordance with modern, world-class standards.
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