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  Strategy of Development - Openness Strategy
The university should benefit from global sciences and technologies and stay receptive to knowledge development. It has succeeded in the past few years in developing ties with universities and scientific institutes in Lebanon and abroad, mainly universities in Lebanon and France and others, through signing agreements or partaking in specialized scientific conferences.

The quick pace at which higher education systems is changing and the ICT revolution drive the university to keep pace and benefit from them. Therefore, the teaching systems at our university can be developed and the quality of education can be managed in coordination with public and private institutions. Scientific research can be encouraged in cooperation with other universities and research centers.

The university also seeks to share experience, programs and advanced systems by localizing modern technologies and creating an environment that attracts higher education institutions for the sake of research and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Accordingly, the Foreign Affairs Office in the University is expanding its activities as part of a theoretical and practical action plan. It has successfully prepared to sign framework agreements and detailed ones regarding granting scholarships abroad, encouraging scientific research and sharing academic experience.

As for following up with universities and educational and scientific researches abroad, we have concluded contracts and agreements with Arab, European and Canadian universities to share educational and academic experience and develop educational programs. The lion’s share of these agreements went to French universities thanks to the much appreciated help of the French Embassy in Beirut. We also participated in preparing and proposing Tempus projects as part of Tempus 5 to develop the university’s structure and stay abreast of modern advancements. Tempus projects were set with the cooperation between Lebanese and foreign universities.

We have also participated in regional and international conferences and seminars in cooperation with the AUF.

Moreover, the Foreign Affairs Office has paved the way to sign professional cooperation agreements with media, banking, health and industrial institutions, as well as the Lebanese Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The office will also sign a professional agreement with the Arab Lawyers Union.

The Foreign Affairs Office is also working on increasing the number of scholarships for student to study abroad, as well as covering the expenses of the participation of professors and students in international research conferences.
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