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  Strategy of Development - Implementing the Law of Full-Time Lecturing
For the first time in years, the law of full-time lecturing is duly enacted, which would undoubtedly lead to increased academic and research productivity and raise the level of education and university degrees.

The reason behind this achievement was not ratifying new salary hierarchy for university professors – they had earned it a while ago, but rather encouraging them to devote themselves to developing their university as per world-class standards.

There are legal texts defining the responsibilities of a full-time lecturer (chief among them Law 70/6), in addition to long-due memoranda and university circulars.

Implementing the law of full-time lecturing does not mean forcing university professors to do anything against their will. The quality of teaching, scientific research and interaction with the students to develop their knowledge is part of the professors’ job description. The administration does not restrain professors, but rather guides them and urges them to shoulder responsibility. To implement the law of full-time lecturing, professors should also be researchers eager to learn more and pursue scientific research, one of the noblest human works.

For the first time, we are emphasizing on the continuous presence of university professors at the university units for four days a week at least, as well as increasing the teaching hours.

Full-time lecturing is not only about teaching, it goes beyond that to include full focus on knowledge, education and following up with student affairs.

Our hopes remain high on implementing the law of full-time lecturing to eliminate automatism, bureaucracy and idleness form the university.We, as university members, must achieve this objective.
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