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  Strategy of Development - A New Law for Organizing the University
The president of the university and some legal professors are set on drafting a new law for organizing the university, adapting to the changes in its structure.

A new law drawing upon Law 75/67 which is applied to date, with additional laws and decrees issued later to organize university works in different domains:

A law that tackles the geographical locations of the university, expanding university buildings and increasing the number of students, as well as the number of professors and employees.

A law that adapts to the current academic progress, the need to delve deeper into scientific research and maintain the quality of education.

A law that takes into consideration human sciences and knowledge and benefits from them, by protecting academic freedoms in conformity with modern international legislations.

A law that reaffirms the importance of the national university as a public institution with a legal entity that enjoys educational, administrative and financial autonomy.

A law that resolves the university’s chronic problems at a general organizational level.

A law that maintains the unity of the university when it comes to its curricula, programs, certificates, academic level and central administration.

A law that provides a sort of administrative decentralization in the branches and campuses of the university away from any form of bureaucracy. The need for a new law does not spring from the old applicable law, but is necessary due to the material and human evolution that is happening today.
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