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  Strategy of Development - The New Teaching System
In the midst of radical changes sweeping higher education in many states, especially in Europe, the Lebanese University has sought over the recent years to keep up with global developments and provide the necessary requirements for progress to be at the forefront of higher education institutions in Lebanon and the world. Accordingly, it formed a number of academic committees to develop the public university which accounts for 65% of university students in Lebanon and stay abreast of modern higher education practices around the globe. The Lebanese University is one of the pioneers in adhering to new higher education structures adopted in Europe, especially the French LMD system given the deep-rooted cooperation ties between the two countries.

Over the past few years, it was clearly evident that obstacles and malpractices stand in the way of implementing the new teaching system in some branches, delaying or hindering the healthy kick-off of this vital project, preventing the full benefit from its educational, scientific, and cultural aspects. But we firmly believe in this system and its potential of developing higher education in Lebanon in a consistent manner. It is essential to keep channels of communication with foreign universities open for the sake of our students. Consequently, we should work on implementing the system and surmount any obstacles that stand in the way to promote the learning and careers of students and prepare them to enter the workplace, by coming up with mechanisms that ensure the quality of our education.

The success of the new teaching system, LMD, in achieving our goals largely depends on the unwavering conviction and firm will of all stakeholders at the Lebanese University to adhere to this system and apply it in all branches. Additional steps and measures should be taken to provide opportunities of success, such as:
  1. Holding open meetings with the faculty, administration and student bodies in university units facing problems in applying the new teaching system
  2. Holding candid, receptive discussions with professors opposing the new system to positively change their views and lean on local and foreign experience for help.
  3. Reexamining current teaching methods to switch from prompting students to the self-development of students, by developing their own skills, and increasing the chances of academic and professional success.
  4. Providing the necessities, from buildings to state-of-the-art laboratories and rich libraries, allowing students to develop their knowledge.
  5. Adapting curricula and programs to economic and social conditions, and linking them to the marketplace for easier integration of graduates therein.
  6. Avoiding fixed unidirectional approaches in building programs and curricula, replacing them with flexible ones that help the student amass knowledge in more than one major.
  7. Activating the role of academic guidance committees in each unit, and reactivating the role of committees on joint or similar courses among different branches and faculties.
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