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  Strategy of Development - Quality Assurance in Higher Education
To assure quality in higher education, we need policies and procedures that aim at constantly improving the quality of education. Many standards can help achieve this goal, such as defining the learning values at the university and laying down a certain strategy that maintains the desired educational level.

Self-evaluation is the key to achieving this strategic goal, drawing on the experience and tangible results attained by universities abroad and partaking in local, regional and international conferences relevant to assuring quality.

A university evaluates itself when it deeply studies its administrative and educational performance, focusing on strengths and weaknesses, as well as the quality of adopted teaching programs and how much they respond to the needs of the job market.

Our university fosters innovation and creativity, which are the cornerstones of improving the quality of education. To create an innovative atmosphere, we have to encourage teaching and scientific research which leads to developing the teaching and administrative cadre in order to meet the expectations of students and researchers. We are also trying to provide the necessary financial support for students or research professors to cover the expenses of their innovations and openness to scientific development in universities abroad, thus enriching the curricula at our university as well as enriching researchers, students and teachers.

On another note, our university should enjoy autonomy to be able to carry out its educational and pedagogical role in utmost transparency and integrity, without any outside interventions, and to fulfill its duties objectively and honestly, all while staying true to society and nation. It is this integrity that asserts university traditions.

The Lebanese University is working hard to open its doors for all students, where no student is superior to another except by their competence, where there is no social, geographical or religious discrimination between students.

In our day and age, the role of universities is no longer restricted to graduating students and handing out certificates. It has expanded to follow up with them after graduation and make sure that they have entered a workplace that fulfills their ambitions and expectations. Therefore, students should be given the space needed to express their opinions and expectations and take part in the decision-making process to improve the educational strategy of the university.

Assuring quality is an important factor that goes hand in hand with improving the quality of higher education. It revolves around two important points:

First: Improving the university’sinternal aptitude of the by assuring the quality of educational inputs.

Second: Improving the university’s external aptitude by controlling and verifying the quality of outputs by forming the National Committee for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation.

The necessary procedures should be set in place to improve the quality of education in a proper legal framework and across all levels, as long as they are directly linked to academic and administrative university systems. The university performance committee may gain more importance if it were ratified in a legal text and became part of the organizational structure of the university.
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