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  Strategy of Development - Forming the Students' Union
The Students’ Union should be reestablished as it was in the late 1960s. Back then, it was an effective, influential union and created an innovative interaction platform among social and cultural components.

Even though the University was branched out because of the Civil War, and the elected branch councils in every branch do not represent the students, this is – or should be – a temporary measure awaiting the establishment of the Students’ Union.

The student movement requires reestablishment taking into consideration the structural changes (branches of the university, foundation of new units), in addition to the social conditions in Lebanon. The Union should stick to national axioms away from all sorts of conflict and division, in an atmosphere of civil peace and national unity.

Based on the above, the University Committee responsible for forming the Students’ Union is following up with this matter, building upon the results that student groups achieved in the past years. It is a continuous mission that seeks to reflect the will of student movements in the Lebanese University.

A proportional electoral system would be ideal for student elections, to ensure that all groups are represented, including independent students who do not follow any party. A convenient timing should be picked to host these elections in all university branches and units. We wish that the Students’ Union would later help elevate the status of Lebanese citizenship, as well as carry out its duties in defending student interests and future.

We are pinning great hopes on the students of our university, because we know that students are the cornerstone of the university. They play a great role at the national level that leads to positive interaction by creating an atmosphere that helps unite all Lebanese parties and groups. This cannot be achieved except by rising above problems and personal interests and broaden dialogue and understanding horizons in the hopes that the University would regain its days of glory. Needless to say that all universities around the world are lighthouses for every civilized act.
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