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Entrance Exam
Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2023-2024 to the different faculties
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The DSST - Azm Center is hosting a “Biomedical Electrophysiology Day” on 2 March 2024

Biomedical Electrophysiology Day


Join Us for Three Informative Sessions on:


1. EEG and Applications: Delve into the electroencephalography world and explore its multifaceted applications in neuroscience, medicine, technology, and beyond, highlighting its transformative role in understanding the brain and enhancing human capabilities.


2. EMG and Applications: Delve into Electromyography and discover its significance in understanding muscle function, movement disorders, and rehabilitation, including muscles and modeling, and prosthesis delivery.


3. Electrophysiology in Physiotherapy: Learn about the integration of electrophysiological techniques in physiotherapy practices for improved patient outcomes.


Saturday 2 March 2024 at 9:00 to 14:30


Location: Lebanese University – Doctoral School of Science & Technology – Azm center for research in biotechnology - Miten Street - Tripoli Lebanon


Event Schedule

9:00 Opening Ceremony

Jamal El Chaar - Chairman of IEEE LU - Tripoli SB

Dr. Mohamad Ayach EMB Society - Associate professor at BAU - Debbiyeh

Dr. Aya Kabbara Brain Awareness Week - Assistant professor at LIU & neuroscientist at MINDig

Prof. Mohamad Khalil - Director of Doctoral School of Science & Technology & Full Professor at ULFG1: Welcoming


9:45 Brain Awareness Week: EEC & Application

Dr. Aya Kabbara - Assistant professor at LIU & neuroscientist at MINDig

Dr. Judie Tabbal - Neuroscientist at MINDig


11:00 Coffee break


11:30 EMG & Application

Dr. Ahmad Diab - Assistant professor at LIU


13:00 Electrophysiology in physiotherapy

Prof. Ahmad Rifai Sarraj - Director of Faculty of Public Health-1 LU


14:30 Lunch




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