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Concours d'entrée aux différentes facultés de l'Université Libanaise pour l'année académique 2019-2020.
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A Student Leadership Program in collaboration with Centre MINE of the Lebanese University, Challenge to Change Association and Coaching Platform by Progressive Energy


The Centre MINE with the collaboration of the Coaching Platform by Progressive Energy present the Student Leadership Program: “Unleash the Leader Within” delivered by Mrs Arij Kaissi, Educational Psychologist and Leadership Coach.


Date: Fri 29 & Sat 30 March 2019


Time: from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM


Venue: Lebanese University – Hadath Campus


Candidates: Female UL Students


Seats are limited, register NOW by sending your name and contact details to centre.mine@ul.edu.lb


Make sure to mention the workshop name in the subject line.


Deadline for registration: Sat 23 March 2019


Workshop details:


The Leadership Program is an immersive tailored program designed to empower young adults with the proper traits, skills and tools needed to unleash the leader within and to become the best versions of themselves. Accordingly, it prepares them to become the successful leaders of tomorrow and the global citizens of the world. This program will encourage students to apply their acquired leadership skills at home, on campus, in the work place and in their everyday life locally and globally.


The Leadership Program helps students:


§  Learn the basic and essential skills of a successful leader.

§  explore the characteristics of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

§  acquire the proper tools for effective communication

§  develop their critical thinking by learning how to face obstacles and adapt to change

§  learn the steps of problem solving and conflict resolution through real-life scenarios

§  understand the ethics, morals and values which relate to their leadership dilemmas

§  gain knowledge on how to become better citizens by being more responsible and socially engaged

§  practice team building through diversified activities

§  grasp the importance of decision-making in different situations

§  absorb the importance of vision and goal setting through hands on experiences

§  Build a comprehensive set of practical skills and tools to apply in their leadership practice and in their everyday life.


Some of the modules covered in the Leadership Program are:

1.      Emotional Intelligence

2.      Effective Communication

3.      Team-building

4.      Problem-solving

5.      Decision-making

6.      Vision and Goal Setting


The program will be conducted through:

§  Group Coaching

§  Role Play

§  Discussions

§  Group activities

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