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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2017/2018 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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Job vacancy for Graphic Designer and Communication Assistant

I.  Position Information

Job Title: Graphic Designer and Communication Assistant
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon
Section/Unit: Energy & Environment Programme
Reports to: Project Manager(s) 
Project reference: 00090039 (NLD II)- 00088194 (WASH)
Approved level: SC 6
Source of Funding: Kingdom of the Netherlands and other sources of funds
Duration of Employment: 1 year (possible renewable)

II. Scope/Objective

Following the recent significant deterioration of the situation in Syria, Lebanon is witnessing a sharply rising influx of refugees along the northern and eastern borders. A rapid socio-economic assessment carried out by UNDP in these areas indicates that the refugees represent a major and increasing burden on host communities, competing already limited social services, employment and other opportunities. In particular, the impacts on the environment and more specifically the water and energy sectors have now become critical, exacerbating what was already a fragile state of affairs prior to the crisis. Furthermore, the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan – LCRP (2015-2016) identified energy, solid waste and water as target sectors. More specifically the plan states, that “Government authorities in charge of the Energy and Water Sector, in collaboration with international and local partners, will continue their strong support to the most affected local communities, particularly through infrastructure projects in electricity, water, wastewater and solid waste. This has a vital benefit in mitigating the risks of social conflict between the local host communities and the displaced persons from Syria, and will be realized through the implementation of several activities.

Accordingly, projects addressing the Syrian Crisis will produce reports, publications and other material pertaining to their different implementation, for local and international audience to raise awareness on its activities as well as a part of a capacity building process. The projects are seeking to hire a Graphic Designer and Communication Assistant to take the lead in the development and production of high quality graphic designs and visual communications through multiple medians, and other communication tools.

The Graphic Designer and Communication Assistant shall work under the direct supervision of the project manager(s) and in close coordination with the Energy and Environment programme.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

1. Design of Printed Publication

- Design and develop layout of publications, presentations, books, technical reports, and publications in close coordination with project manager(s);
- Assist and follow-up on projects’ websites design and/or construction;
- Prepare printing specifications and overview of the production process (Printing) of publications;
- Prepare and follow up on the production of brochures to convey visually and textually the strong contribution that the projects are making towards development and achievement on environmental and energy protection.

2. Assistance with Visual Media

- Prepare and/or assist the shooting short videos showing the implementation of activities undertaken by the project;
- Update the website in a monthly (or needed) basis, including uploading newsletters, publications, etc.
- Prepare and produce creative, innovative and high-quality work of artworks, identity packages (logos, business cards, letterheads…), charts, info graphics, certificates, roll up banners, web banners, covers, CD packaging, professional presentations.
- Support different social media platforms and networks;
- Brand events and produce promotional material for social media and publications;
- Use a wide range of media including photography, computer aided designs, etc.;
- Create and develop the complete graphic material for workshops and events including invitation cards (for web and print), banners, presentations, signs etc.
- Taking photos of UNDP important events, conferences and workshops or guide a professional photographer or filmatographer;
- Any other tasks as directed by the Project Manager.

IV. Competencies

- Highly motivated, pleasant character, skills in oral and written communication;
- Strong organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and accurately;
- Strong logo/property and banner development skills;
- Think creatively and produce new ideas;
- Knowledge in graphic design, cover design, web design, etc.;
- Teamwork spirit and willingness to learn and embrace additional responsibilities within the team.
- Knowledge of the common design applications Windows, Macintosh, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After effect, 3D-Max, Quark Express, Flash, InDesign etc.

V. Recruitment Qualifications

Bachelor degree in Visual Communications/Graphic Design, or closely related fields.

- At least 3 years of relevant work experience in the various areas of design.
- Experience in development, environmental or social projects is an asset.
- Experience with UN or international donor project(s) is an asset.

Language Requirements: 
Good written and spoken English and Arabic. French is an asset.

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