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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2017/2018 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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Job vacancy for Local Level Field Assistant

I.  Position Information

Job Title: Local Level Field Assistant
Duty Station: Mount Lebanon
Reports to: Project Manager 
Section/Unit: Peace building project - Phase 3
Project reference: 00088560
Pay level: SC 5
Duration of Employment: Till end of December 2017 (renewable based on performance and availability of funds)

II. Scope/Objective

Phases I and II of the current project, Peace Building in Lebanon spanning the period 2006-2013 addressed the underlying causes of conflict in Lebanon and created “safe spaces” for local identity groups to discuss their concerns openly and enhance mutual understanding of the different “other”. Social cohesion was enhanced at the local, community and national levels between civil society (youth, educators, media, NGOs and religious leaders) and relevant local public (municipal council members and mukhtars) actors. Through training programs, advocacy work and enhanced networking, stakeholders were better equipped to actively and harmoniously contribute to peace building, community dialogue and ensure a more effective bottom-up impact of efforts.

Building on the understanding and successes of the previous two phases, the third phase of the project will focus on addressing the new challenges to civil peace and peace building in the country posed by the Syrian crisis. Therefore the focus will be on four outputs: 1. Education promoting social cohesion supported; 2. Media empowered to promote balanced and conflict sensitive media coverage; 3. Local level peace building strategies to mitigate tensions developed in selected conflict prone areas of Lebanon hosting Syrian refugees; 4. An NGO platform promoting nation-wide truth and reconciliation supported ex-fighters’ role in promoting peace building supported.

Under the guidance and supervision of the Project Manager and the Local Peace Building Coordinator, the Local Level Field Assistant will support the project in the implementation related to the outputs “Local level peace building strategies to mitigate tensions developed in selected conflict prone areas of Lebanon hosting Syrian refugees”, known as the Mechanisms for Social Stability, within UNDP’s project “Peace Building in Lebanon” and which includes several activities funded by several donors to be implemented in Mount Lebanon area. He/she will work in close collaboration with project staff and project partners, and will maintain close communication over operational issues as well as strategic opportunities arising from project implementation.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

• Assist in undertaking tasks related to the preparation, organization, implementation and follow up of meetings and events of project activities in Mount Lebanon area
• Organize the logistics of workshops, training events, and meetings as required in the region
• Carry out regular visits to activities’ site in Mount Lebanon area
• Take minutes of different meetings and events
• Facilitate cooperation and exchange of information with and between partners and establish strong relationships with municipalities and other local actors 
• Take part in the Working Group Meetings and other regional meetings as part of the Syrian Response Plan and keep record
• Produce regular briefs and progress reports to be submitted to the Project at the Central level summarizing the main achievements and updates
• Undertake daily task of monitoring the implementation of the outputs’ related activities in Mt Lebanon area
• Keep track of key data and information related to Mt Lebanon MSS activities
• Provide inputs for the periodic regional conflict analysis reports
• Represent the Project as required by the Project Manager at Project activities
• Perform other duties as requested by the Project Manager

IV. Competencies

• Excellent organizational and interpersonal capabilities
• Ability to successfully handle several Project activities simultaneously
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills
• Ability to work under pressure, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, meet deadlines and proves high level of flexibility
• Ability to work in multicultural environments and spend time in different and diverse locations all over the country
• Proven to be conflict sensitive
• Self-motivated and able to recommend options for resolution of complex issues
• Able to handle confidential and politically sensitive issues in a responsible and mature manner
• Knowledge of the United Nations system, peace building, conflict sensitivity and conflict resolution methodologies is an added value

V. Recruitment Qualifications

• University Degree in Political/Social Sciences, International Affairs or any other related Degree.

• A Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience.

Language Requirements: 
• Excellent command of English and Arabic. French is an Asset.

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