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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2017/2018 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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Job vacancy for Senior Evaluation and Risk Officer/Internal Auditor


I.  Position Information
Job Title:  Senior Evaluation and Risk Officer/Internal Auditor
Duty Station: Beirut - Lebanon 
Section/Unit: Social and Local Development Programme
Reports to: Job Creation Manager 
Project reference: 00076878
Pay Level: SC8 
Source of Funding: ESFD
Duration of Employment: 12 months

II. Scope/Objective 
The ESFD is a public entity linked to the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction and aims at contributing to poverty alleviation in Lebanon.  Since its inception in 2002, the ESFD has launched many programs to improve living conditions. These operations included: i) the job creation program which supports the development of small enterprises and ii) the community development program which improves living conditions in poverty pockets in a participatory process.  Since 2013, and in light of the Syrian Crisis, the ESFD has expanded its operations to contribute to the response of the Lebanese Government to the Crisis. In addition to the Community Development and Job Creation Programs, the ESFD is currently designing and implementing Municipal Services/Infrastructure and local economic development programs that target the communities mostly affected by the influx of Syrian Refugees.

Under the direct supervision of the ESFD Senior Deputy Director, the Senior Evaluation and Risk Officer will monitor the lending process from disbursement to repayment and will carry out data analysis as part of ESFD risk management so that to provide insights into the ESFD strategic directions, to have quantitative information about certain risk factors and to control and minimize its and the partner banks risk.  S/he will develop financial modelling and will inform management of possible deviations.

The Senior Evaluation and Risk Officer will be based at the ESFD Office in Beirut and will travel regularly to the various governorates to keep in touch with events on the ground.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected
1. Audit, Monitoring and Evaluation
• Monitor partner banks compliance to the signed agreement in terms of results, impact, efficiency and effectiveness of ESFD operations
• Conduct desk analysis facilitated by the reports and data of the partner bank, on-site analysis at the premises of the partner bank and field visits to the business premises of the borrowers.
• Carry out systematic audit for claimed files that are submitted to the ESFD by its partner banks, and suggest whether the ESFD shall pay back the guarantee to the banks or not.
• Monitor that the partner bank documents its recovery efforts in a log sheet which gives insight into the dates, types and results of action taken in this respect and the next steps and deadlines.
• Define certain data that ESFD would like to measure in order to better understand its operations and impact.
• Monitor performance against the Key Performance Indicators (volume, leverage, guarantee pay-out, outreach, etc.) and provide quantitative values adding qualitative description and comments where needed and meaningful.
• Conduct field visits to assess the impact of the ESFD loans on the borrowers both in terms of income generation and job creation.
• Assist in conducting a mid-term review of the programme.
• Collect and analyze data, share analysis with partner bank and issue recommendations and requests

2. Financial Analysis
• Develop forecasted financial modelling when and as required.
• Monitor and update actual RSS financial model, and inform management of possible deviations
• Ensure that guarantee fees are collected on timely basis and check that amount is accurate as per signed agreements between ESFD and its partner banks.
• Check and calculate guarantee claim as per signed agreements between ESFD and its partner banks.
• Ensure that no payments have been received from clients after claim payment by ESFD
• Check and calculate recovery amount as per signed agreements between ESFD and its partner banks
• Monitor the status of the programme account and its sub accounts.  Ensure that sufficient capital is available into the Risk Bearing Sub-Account and that the Income Sub-Account has sufficient funds to cover the ESFD overheads
• Advise and ensure proper provisioning to account for future losses on loan defaults to guarantee the ESFD capitalization if and when the defaults occur.  Inform the ESFD Finance department to deduct its book value from the reserve account for loan losses.
• Participate in the budgeting of Job Creation finances

3. Risk Analysis
• Carry out data analysis in order to have quantitative information about certain risk factors.
• Monitor the composition of the portfolio of guaranteed loans in order to identify and avoid any cluster risk.
• Conduct field visits to borrowers in default in order to assess the possibility for rescheduling and therefore avoid case leading to a claim and consequent legal actions.
• Approve loan rescheduling requests from partner banks.
• Provide ESFD management with strategic planning and advice on specific strategic directions.
• Develop a risk tool which helps analyze risk and categorize risk by activity, district, bank branch, and propose and assist in the implementation of the proposed actions.
• Set and implement action plan to monitor borrowers in default and assess the impact of such efforts on payments by borrowers

4. Reporting
• Ensure that MIS generates adequate and accurate reports; coordinate with ESFD IT Officer for additional MIS requests
• Assist partner banks in designing the respective reports (e.g. develop templates).
• Ensure that partner banks are sending timely and accurate monthly guarantee report
• Ensure that partner banks submit recovery efforts log sheets to ESFD on a monthly basis
• Report to Management in English and/or Arabic on progress of the programme, performance of partner banks, guarantee portfolio, development of financed businesses and achievement of objectives
• Participate in the development of strategic, annual and other work plans

5. Fundraising, Product Development and Procedures
• Assist in the preparation of fund raising proposals and drafting of all documents following the approval of the proposal (legal contracts, inception reports…etc.) 
• Propose new products in order to meet market demands (e.g. agricultural product, housing product, etc.).
• Develop a manual of procedures for the Job Creation Unit
6. Internal Audit
• Audit the ESFD accounting, Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements.
• Audit the actual financial variations from the Annual Work Plans (AWPs).

7. Other Duties
• Ensure that a promotion and marketing campaign is organized by the partner bank to make potential clients aware of the availability of finance in the branches of the partner bank in the target areas
• Participate in planning and organizing workshops
• Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Deputy Director

IV. Competencies 
• Solid experience in credit and particularly in financial analysis.
• Solid experience in audit
• Familiarity with external aid programs and procedures.
• Excellent organizational skills and highly developed analytic and presentation skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills and good report writing abilities.
• Strong computer skills, word processing and spreadsheet software experience required.
• Problem solving, negotiations and custom service skills.
• Strong team competence and high level of professional initiative.

V. Recruitment Qualifications
• Bachelor degree in accounting, banking and finance, economics or business administration or related discipline, with 5 years of experience or a graduate degree with 3 years of experience.

• Experience in financial and audit analysis 
• Experience in providing business advice services to sustainable small enterprises is a plus.

Language Requirements:
• Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic. Knowledge of French is a plus.

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