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28/5/2024 - Lebanese University and State Security: "With Education and Security: We build"


The Lebanese University and the General Directorate of State Security organized a day entitled "With Education and Security: We Build". It included a ten-kilometer walk in the Sannine area with the participation of the Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, his deputy, Brigadier General Hassan Choucair, Lebanese University President Dr. Bassam Badran, President of the Executive Board of the League of Full-time Professors at the Lebanese University, Dr. Antoine Charbel, Media Advisor to the President Dr. Ali Rammal, Directors of the Faculty of Pedagogy in its first and second branches, Dr. Jinane Ballout and Dr. Scarlette Sarraf, in addition to a student group from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences - (Branch 4), among others.


The march was followed by a meeting at the Abdallah Ghanem Cultural Center in Baskinta, where participants were welcomed by former Supreme Judicial Council President, Judge Ghaleb Ghanem.


During the meeting, Brigadier General Choucair gave a lecture on the importance of electronic security awareness in Lebanon and the dangers of the lack of security culture among students and citizens, calling on students who are subjected to any assault to resort to State Security and not to remain silent about any crime they are exposed to.


President Badran then addressed the importance of the duality of education and security and its impact on strengthening the concepts of citizenship, belonging and social commitment, especially in light of the great dangers resulting from the great technological development and its repercussions on the behavior of the individual and society.





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