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7/1/2021 - Lebanese University graduate Dr. Hussein Mortada obtains a HDR diploma from the University of Paris

The Lebanese University graduate Dr. Hussein Toufic Mortada obtained a HDR diploma from the University of Paris in France.


In compliance with the quarantine measures in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the dissertation of Dr. Mortada, researcher and professor of pure mathematics at the University of Paris, was defended online, and the jury included professors from several French universities, the University of Michigan, the University of Tokyo, Imperial College London and the French National Center for Scientific Research.


After the end of the defense, the jury expressed its great admiration for the quality and excellence of the research and scientific papers published by Dr. Mortada, which formed an added and basic value in the development of algebraic geometry in his field of competence.


Dr. Mortada holds a Certificate of Merit in Mathematics from the Faculty of Science at the Lebanese University in 2005 and a PhD in Mathematics from Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University in 2010. He was also awarded the Scholarly Excellence Scholarship from the French Ministry of Higher Education, “Miller Scholarship” from the University of Missouri, and “FACCTS” scholarship from the University of Chicago in the United States of America.


Dr. Mortada lectured in a number of prestigious universities and research centers in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, the United States of America, Iran, China, Vietnam and Japan.


He attends annually to the Lebanese University as a visiting professor to teach a course in mathematics to the master’s degree students at the Faculty of Science. Regarding his experience at the Lebanese University, he said: “The Lebanese University has greatly contributed to my foundation in scientific terms, whether through a generation of patriotic and developmental professors or through fellow friends, namely those in the "Purciens" working group related to the "Pure Mathematics" that we established in the academic year 2003-2004. He added that the Lebanese University and the nostalgia for the Faculty of Science remain at the core of his concerns.




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