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  International Relations

International Relations

General Coordinator: Dr. Zeinab Saad 

International Relations committee :

  • Dr. Asma Chamli
  • Dr. Zalpha Ayoubi
  • Dr. Ziad Salameh
  • Dr. Véronique Kazpard


Mail :
Address: Lebanese University
Central Administration 
Museum Square
5th  floor
P.O.Box. 14/6573
Tel.: 961 1 612815

The International Relations Office (IRO) pursues a strategy compatible with globalization in the educational sector. He seeks to develop and implement cooperation agreements and academic exchanges with international and regional universities, such as:

1-Université de Carthage Tunisie 10 -2-2017
2-Ecole Centrale de Nantes - France 12- 4-2017
3-Politechnica of Bucharest - Roumanie 7-3-2017
 4-Université Jean-Monnet Saint-Etienne - France  10-2-2017
 5-De Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis France  13-3-2017
 6-Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya+ avenant student exchange Espagne  28-3-2017
 7-L’Université pour les Etrangers de Perugia Italie  10 -2-2017
 8-OP Jindal Global University India Inde  21-4-2017
 9-Université de Liège Belgique  3-4-2017
 10-Vilnius GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL University Lithuania  18-4-2017

 11-Memorandum d’entente avec l’AECID agence 

espagnole de coopération internationale Espagne

 12-AUF – UL- CNRS Liban  30-3-2017
 13- جامعة الزرقاء Jordanie  22-5-2017

 14-Framework National Research University

Higher School of Economics + Russie

 15-Institut de Recherche pour le développement IRD - France  5-6-2017
 16-Accord cadre Zhejiang Gongshang University Chine  11-4-2017
 17- Institut national polytechnique Toulouse France  14-6-2017
 18-Hopes British Council Liban  15-6-2017
 19-Groupe Coimbra Brésil  15-6-2017
20-Maria Curie Sklodowska University Pologne   22-6-2017
 21-Telecom Sud Paris France  29-6-2017

 22-Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

(RUDN University) Russie

 23- جامعة القيروان – تونس   15-6-2017
 24-Paris-Saclay France  22-6-2017
 25-Umons Avenant pour l’échange d’étudiants Suisse  19-6-2017

 26- Avenant ULB Département de traduction et de langues

et de lettres Belgique

27-Tver State Medical University Russie   26-6-2017

 28- The Moscow State Academy of veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

      MVA K.I Skryabin Russie

 29- Shenyang Normal university Chine  12-7-2017
 30- الهيئة الوطنية للعلوم والبحوث  Liban  20-1-2017

 31- Groupe Efrei Paris-Sud (école d’ingénieurs et des sciences

du numérique). France

 32- الهيئة العربية للمسرح مت أجل تعاون علمي، ثقافي وفني Emirates  22-9-2017
 33- ENSTA Bretagne Accord de double diplôme France  22-9-2017

 34- Grenoble Alpes Convention de diplôme en

partenariat international France

 35- MOU Allameh Tabataba University Iran  14-8-2017
 36- Bou Diaf Algérie  2-10-2017
 37- Université de Sassari Italie  Octobre 2017

 38- Consortium for the promotion of university studies in

central Sardinia UNINUORO Italie

 Octobre 2017

 39- Working Program of cooperation Academy of

engineering (RUDN) University People Friendship

university of Russie

 40- ESA Liban  6-10-2017
 41- Haut Conseil de l’Evaluation Hceres France  28-10-2017
 42- LAU Lebanese American University Liban  6-11-2017
 43- Universite de Poitiers France  9-10-2017
 44- Universite Aix-Marseille Accord + avenant France  3-7-2017

 45- A.I. Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine

and Dentistry Russian Federation


 46- Convention de subvention ul-2017 Ambassade de

France HCERES France

 47- مجلس الجنوب -  لبنان  19-11-2017
 48- اتحاد بلديات قضاء صور - لبنان  19-11-2017
 49- اتحاد بلديات جبل عامل  19-11-2017
 50- Red Cross Faculty of Medical Sciences Liban  4-12-2017
 51- وقف الحميدي الخيري - لبنان  21-11-2017
 52- Cordoba Espagne  20-12-2017
 53- United Nations Population Fund Liban  20-12-2017

The IRO also contributes to the accession of the Lebanese University to international and regional organizations that are concerned with higher education. He is keen to expand the participation of the Lebanese University in international projects aimed at developing academic programs and exchanging research, such as Tempus and Erasmus.



          ERASMUS+ KA2 – Capacity-building in the Field of Higher Education




The main objective of TLQAA+ is to support the development of a national framework for the recognition, equivalence and certification of higher education degrees in accordance with international standards through implementing the Program Evaluation for Transparency and Recognition of skills and qualifications.



The main specific objective of RESCUE is to help the Partner Country Universities (in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq) in structuring an effective response to this problem, by creating ad hoc units (the Refugee Student Operational Support Unit – R-SOS), whose mission is to structure specific services supporting the refugee students in resuming their academic training path.

Coordinator: UNIMED

Duration: 36 months 

Project Website:




The RESUME project aims at enhancing and reinforcing the role and potential of HEIs in the development of employability in the Mediterranean countries by adopting a transversal entrepreneurial mind-set at the HEIs and by opening and structuring the dialogue among the universities, the enterprises and the policy makers. 

Coordinator: UNIMED
Duration: 36 months

Project Website:





The main objective of this project is to implement the Standards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Lebanese Universities and cooperating for innovation and exchange of good practices and experiences relevant to similar frameworks established in Europe, as it is a national project co-funded by Erasmus+ co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.





The main objective of HOPES is to improve the prospects of young Lebanese with limited financial capabilities and the displaced Syrian youth and to contribute to their preparation to build their community by providing educational opportunities in field of higher education in host communities, through many courses approved as university counselling services, scholarship fund, English language program, short program support and partner dialogue. Hopes project is funded by the European Union Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis “Madad fund” and implemented by the German academic exchange service DAAD in partnership with the British Council, campus France, and Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education.



This international cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations (such as Agence Universitaire pour la Francophonie - AUF ) allows the Lebanese University a better implementation of the world academic standards that is to achieve the best educational outcomes.


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