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ورشة عمل في المعهد حول استخدام برنامج الكتروني كاشف لمكافحة النسخ
نظم المعهد العالي للدكتوراه في الحقوق والعلوم السياسية والادارية والاقتصادية ورشة عمل تدريبية حول استخدام برنامج الكتروني كاشف لمكافحة النسخ في البحوث... (Read more...)

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Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences


The Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative & Economic Sciences was established at the Lebanese University under Decree No. 74 of 22 October 2007, as amended.

The Doctoral School undertakes training and qualification of university researchers in managing scientific research projects and supervising dissertations. It provides grants for PhD students according to the regulations in force at the Lebanese University.

The Doctoral School also coordinates the conclusion of agreements with international and regional supportive and donor institutions concerned with financing and supporting scientific research and studies and securing appropriate mechanisms for their implementation.

Successive Deans

·         Dr. Leila Saadeh: 2007 – 2014

·         Dr. Georges Saad: 2014

·         Dr. Toni Atallah: 2014 – 2020

·         Dr. Khalil El Dahdaah: 2020 – to present

The Doctoral School grants the Lebanese PhD in:

1.      Law

2.      Political Science

3.      Economics

4.      Business Administration

5.      Tourism Science


Nouman Abu Sulaiman Building, Opposite to Al Habtoor Hotel, Sin El Fil


(+961) 1 496 817


(+961) 1 487 918


(+961) 1 486 961


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